Lights moving in formation – Kroonstad

Date: 16/12/2015
Time: 09:10 pm
Place: Kroonstad
Submitted by: Mario Guisti

It started with a fast moving object moving across the sky. Shortly after that in a different direction, three lights moved across the sky in a triangular formation. Then there were lights, what looked like search lights moving up and down in the area where the object went. The lights stayed for a minute or so, then the object moved in a 45 degree angle from where it was last moving. The lights were a dimm yellow and there was no sound at all.

Triangle in Camps Bay

Date: 10/12/2015
Time: 12:14 am
Place: From Signal Hill
Submitted by: Jono Linny

Im not sure what this is, I was editing my photo to put up on Facebook and then I saw a weird smuggy object on the photo. I checked my camera to see if the lens was dirty but it was crystal clear, so all Im thinking is that that object was definitely in the shot when I took it.

On top of that I was also focusing on the shot when I was taking it and had that object been moving, Im sure it would have caught my attention. I waited like 5 seconds before taking the shot so I definitely would have seen it moving. Continue Reading…

Objects in picture taken at beach

Time and date: 22 December 2013 at ?
Place: ??
Submitted by: Mario

Hi there, i took this picture on my cell phone on the 22nd of December 2013 while spending a Sunday afternoon at the beach. We did not see or notice anything while we we’re there and it was only when I went through my pics that I noticed something in the photo. You have to zoom in to the photo, but according to me there is definitely something strange. First I noticed the 3 lights that is in the shape of a triangle and then I noticed what seems like someone sitting in a aircraft of some sort. Unfortunately I don’t have the right technology to zoom further into the photo so that you could see better. Continue Reading…

Triangular Shaped Object over Gardens

Time and date: 5 December 2015 at ?
Place: Gardens, Cape Town
Submitted by: Jack de Villiers

Hi there,

My wife and I spotted what looked like a triangular shaped aircraft of sorts over Gardens, Cape Town. It seemed to be drifting at a low speed for what seemed like 15 seconds and then sped off what seemed to be at a tremendous velocity. It also seemed to contain lights on either side of its ‘wings’. I know ufo’s are normally disc shaped so I was just wondering if anyone else saw it and if its some sort of aircraft?

Flying Triangle over Signal Hill (with Photo)

Date: 4 December 2015
Time: Around 18:00
Place: Seen from Bo-Kaap Cape Town CBD
Submitted by: JP

Some colleagues and myself saw what looked like a flying triangle aircraft with strange lights over Signal Hill in Cape Town. We saw the triangle which was hanging in the air for a few moments and then disappeared. It seemed to have strange lights which changed from yellow to red that almost pulsated. It could be some sort of aircraft or balloon or something. I’m including this picture which seems to be the best one I took (from my phone) but I can add others too if necessary 🙂 Anyway, just want to know if anyone else saw it or knows what it was. Or if anyone actually got a better picture of it from signal hill.

I dont want to add my email address but if any one wants it I see there’s a comment section. Just ask for it, and I’ll email you more pics etc. ^_^


Black trianglular craft in Eersterust, Pretoria

Time and date: 20 November 2015 at 21:10
Place: Eersterust, Pretoria
Submitted by: Johnathan

Hi guys. On Friday the 20 of November which was yesterday; I came from Eersterust Pretoria to fetch my one year old son from my parents home. As I drove from their home in Hans Coverdale West towards the south right before i get to the corner of p.s. fourie ave n H/ coverdale west before the Pick n Pay towards exiting Eersterust I saw something in the sky. It was cloudy n about to rain. Asci drove I looked several times and say this white lights in the sky and it seemed like it was hoovering about right of the centers of Eersterust high up in the sky.i couldn’t take pictures coz I was driving n there was cars infront and at the back of me and son sleep at rear in his car seat. I couldn’t hear any sound it made and my cars window was half open while driving. Then I looked again to make sure whilst driving then it disappeared for abt 3secs the appeared again at the same spot but with different colours lights and I could clearly see its shape coz it was triangular with red lights flashing on each corner n green lights around the sides also flashing. It looked like a bat plane kind of but was standing still on that very same spot with no sound. So I got on my phon emmediatly n phoned my dad to go look coz I was excited of what I just saw. Not sure if he went to look. But im sure of what I’ve witnessed. I mean who would fly a drown out on this weather especially when its raining and there’s lightning Now ima be monitoring the sky more often….im sure someone else must have seen it too……

Black Triangle in Hartbeespoort Area in 2001

Time and date: the year 2001 at 12 AM
Place: Hartbeespoort
Submitted by: Christof

Good day My name is Christof and I live on the south coast of south africa. After seeing an episode about flying triangles on Chasing UFO’s I thought it good to contact you. In the year 2001, one night around 12am in Hartbeespoort area near Pretoria me and my family witnessed a Huge black triangle flying next to the road as we were driving by. It had an whitish/orange like light in each corner and a bright white light shining on the ground from the middle. It was a clear moonlit evening so the outlines of the craft was very clear. It was huge, maybe as big as a tennis court (not sure) It was a perfect triangular craft hovering in one place as if looking for something on ground. It was revolving. There was NO noise thus silent. We drove on and it crossed the road behind us. The next moment it was gone without a trace. We were all dumbfounded. While driving past the object the hairs on our bodies raised, like static electricity. Continue Reading…

2 Triangular-Shaped Flying Objects – Table View

Time and date: 6 October 2015 at 19:45
Place: Table View
Submitted by: Tylon Harris

My aunt and I were coming home from work, round 19:45, and I saw these 2 triangular shaped flying things in the sky, not that high up and they both had 3 lights, 2 red and one green light, no lights were flashing like normal planes do, made no sound at all, and travelling way too close together. While we were watching them, the one in front just vanished, like someone just turned the lights off, then shortly after that the second one kinda dimmed out till it was gone. Would love to know if it was UFOs that we saw and if anyone saw the same, was about a week ago.

Strange Light South of Bloemfontein

Time and date: 7 August 2015 at 20:30 PM
Place: Bloemfontein
Submitted by: Rudolph

Saw 3 weird lights tonight 7 August 2015, 20:30+_pm. I live in Bloemfontein and saw a triangle formation in lights going on and off in the sky. They were not moving so it was no plane or satellite. The lights were going on and off in a triangular shape and and was visible for about 6 minutes in one spot. No pics available but my wife was a witness.

Triangular Shape with Red Lights – Tableview

Time and date: 15 July 2015 at 8:30 PM
Place: Tableview
Submitted by: Francesca

Did anyone see a bright red light moving very slowly quite high up on wed 15.7.15 +- 8.30pm. We live in Tableview and the direction was from the west going towards East. No noise so couldn’t have been a helicopter. It hovered and moved off slowly and disappeared. A sort of triangular shape. Definitely not a Chinese lantern either. Didn’t get a picture this time. Not the first sighting in the same area.