Bright flashes like fireworks – Upper Houghton Ridge

Date: 08/04/2016
Time: 03:20 am
Place: Upper Houghton Ridge
Submitted by: Mark

I saw a series of bright flashes like fireworks behind the trees and above along a whole street that crackled and looked like a welder being used. There was no booms or bangs though that one would hear when rifles are fired or fireworks let off.
I thought that maybe someone was stealing electrical cables but I drove around there and could not find anything unusual? No reports on the local papers or news?
Anyone else see this?
Can anyone shed some ‘light’ on this!

White lights seen over Allensnek, West Rand, Gauteng

Date: 29/12/2015
Time: 08:00 pm
Place: Allensnek
Submitted by:

My mom daughter and i were at the pool when i looked up and saw two very bright lights under cloud level flying towards each other at great speed. They then stopped and half circled each other. The one shot off in direction of pretoria at impossible speed, from bright to almost invisible light instantly. The other shot up vertically where it then stopped above cloud level, where it was visible between the clouds, hovering for at least 20 minutes. Continue Reading…

Lights in the clouds | Kensington

Date: 01/01/2016
Time: 12:10 am
Place: Kensington Johannesburg
Submitted by:

While watching fireworks, I saw two greenish lights over the Bez Valley/Kensington area. The lights were circular but became elongated at times. As far as I could tell, there was no pattern in the movements. At time, the lights would circle each other. The lights appeared to fade in and out on the same spot.The lights seemed to be moving in the clouds. I just want to say, this was on New Year, but I had not had one drink, so I was not drunk.

Flying flat ‘hat shaped’ object

Date: 21/12/2015
Time: 06:50 am
Place: Hartebeespoortdam
Submitted by: Wessel haasbroek

I took a foto of a landing hot air baloon. Hours later when i looked at the photo i saw the shining white object in the background. With the limited enlargement capacity of the cell phone i could make out the very strange shape and an emission at the back and what looked like lights in the front. It also looked like there was an “aura” around the flying object!

Object hovering with 4 lights – Sandton

Time: 11:11 PM.
Date: 9/12/15
Place: Seen from Sandton, Johannesburg
Submitted by: Andrew

I saw 4 lights in a quadrangle moving as one thing. It moved slightly in all directions, like it was hovering, the lights are flashing.

If anyone knows what this might be, please contact me, im extremely curious as to what this is. There is an object with 4 lights in a quadrangle moving as one thing. Its moving up and down and left and right like it is hovering, the lights are flashing. Its been there for about an hour now, still moving around.
It’s slightly to the left of bottom of the 3 stars in Orion’s belt.

It is not a star or planet as it is moving and flashing and there are 4 lights to it, this can be proven from the recording i have of it on my phone. I dont know if it is some sort of satellite or something made by humans. Please watch the videos and tell me if you know what it is!

Moving star-like object, Helderkruin/Wilropark

Time and date: 4:25am Sunday 6 December
Place: Wilropark/Helderkruin
Submitted by: Jacques De Kock

I was looking out the window when I noticed a star like object suddenly appearing high up in the sky,  from where I was standing the UFO was in a northerly direction and initially appeared to be a star but then the object made a zigzag (up n down) movement before moving from west to east in a straight line, the object made no sound and moved at various speeds from slow to extremely fast and then slow again repeatedly for about a minute before moving out of visual range.

My girlfriend who was with me when this occured said she initially thought the object to be a satellite but was unable to visually understand the manner in which the object moved.

The sighting was bizarre and difficult to understand/explain as there are not much to compare what we saw with.