Long string of lights in the sky at night

13 November 2021 7:30pm Eersterus Pretoria
Long string of lights in the sky made no sound, the traveled faster than satellites which I frequently observe from the same spot,
What makes them different is that the light usually emitted from the satellite would usually be similar to the stars at night, they can be easily mistaken, apart from a faint red light which is sometimes emitted, but the lights i saw were far brighter even though apeard to be just as far away as satellites, when there are satellites in the sky I also have observed they travel far apart from each other but these lights were very close together, the length of the from my perspective looked to be about at least 10 or more planes you would find in air ports, I didn’t have my phone when this occurred

4 thoughts on “Long string of lights in the sky at night

  1. My wife and I saw it and took a picture. Very strange line of lights. When we first saw it, it seemed like a connected line of square lights.

  2. My husband and I live in the Cradle of Human kind, Sterkfontein vicinity. We also saw the string of lights Saturday evening at 19:40. The lights were perfectly aligned and evenly spaced, from what we saw there was between 10 and 20 lights. The lights was very bright and could clearly be seen. It came from the west and then turned towards the south. We watched the lights till it disappeared at about 19:43.

  3. Starlink satellites? I’m just guessing. Would be nice to see that picture you took

  4. My family and I also saw it from Durban North on the same night. In total agreement with your description. Very interesting sight. Would be great to get an understanding of what it was.

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