I don’t know, you tell me!!!

Date: 21/04/2014
Time: 01:00 pm
Place: Stodels Nurseries, Eversdal Road, Bellville, Cape Town, 7530
Submitted by: Vortrexcian


Appologies, but did not see anything at the time.
Only noticed this much later and it has been baffling me for awhile now.
So, why not drop it here and see who says what about it.
So I will try and upload 3 photo’s of My son and I, the middle image has a little black spot (Left – above the 1st flag pole)
Thought to be a plane, so never realy worried about it, however, when looking at the 1st and 3rd photo, this spot/plane is not there.

When you zoom in on the dot, it kinda looks like something else.

After looking at it for awhile, it kinda resembles a bug (I mean, come on I was a place where there is a lot of flowers, animals, etc.)

But then again, seriously, could it be possible that my camera phone captured such a high resolution picture whereby you can zoom in to see a bug (maybe)

Let me know what you guys think…

“happend twice different cities, 1st dissapearing “plane-like” shadow, 2nd an orb

Date: 01/01/2016
Time: 11:45 pm
Place: durban and pietermaritzburg
Submitted by: anonymous

Honestly,I’m not playing or hoaxing. I saw the first “questionable” sighting at night I was randomly looking out the window because (I star-watch on occasion because like any other explorer I’m baffled by discovering we are alone on this planet and its endless “atom-like” setup of its home the universe) anyway I saw two lights that resembled plane-like lights the red and white and one of the two pulsates don’t remember which. These where hovering (appeared) AFTER I LOOKED OUT THE WINDOW, their wher not there and after like 10 seconds of looking they vanished, plane lights don’t go off (the red and white lights) so that raised a red flag… Months later I was in a different city (durban) and I was on a hill like location (house) at night I randomly looked out the window for some reason which I always say its just star-watching, I saw an “orb” I would explain this by saying it was a light but it moved. I literally saw it move a light,moving. Come on I know about weather balloons! That balloon shaped(circle) moved sideways not towards the stratosphere, I eventually lost sight of it after I had to look for another good vantage point to keep viewing, it was as quick as blinking, (a house is not all windows, I had to find another window it moved east) I got to one and it had gone, keep in mind there was literally nothing(natural barriers example mountains, trees… Man made barriers example buildings etc) to restrict my view. IT JUST VANISHED, I had an unlimited vertical view, the horizontal goes without saying(mentioned above by lack of man made and natural barriers). For a person of my intelligence, I am embarrased to say I believe “we”(the orb and I) sensed each others neuro-conscience like presence and I scared it away or I let it know of my presence, and out of typical human like fight or flight it “blended in to the sky”. Mentally not physically that is (fight or flight responding). Since aliens have yet to be made, I question my own credibility, I mean why me?? Oh and the dates I forgot to think about(come on, I was not like oh hey mysterious sky items what’s the day today?, you know?) and visual proof was un-obtainable due to UnExplainable sightings I was too glued to, to actually lay off for one minute, I mean not even the people in the house would have told me/called me to come view, I was too Holy-sh•t what’s that to even remember what I had for dinner, my mind was blanked by both sightings but the second really slapped me silly because it seemed like it was in search of something. Kinda like police helicopters hovering for some reason on top of houses. I used that as an example to make the picture not make you think I saw a helicopter, Lol, thank you for your ears or eyes. (Listening/reading). P.s That day (2nd sighting) I felt like I’m the only one looking at the stars(seeing the orb). That’s why I’m like “why me?”. Thanks again. Sorry for the book:)(the above 3hr mental movie)

Light Swith Travelling star

Date: 22/12/2015
Time: 11:00 pm
Place: Lakeside Cape Town
Submitted by: Luca Fratini

I woke up today on Christmas in a mood to find out what phenomenon I experienced 3 days earlier on the 22nd of December 2015 don’t really know the time exactly but it was after 11pm South African time .

I was laying on the sleeper couch on the balcony looking at the stars . I have a very open mind so I’m constantly looking in the sky all the time because it feels like I never want to miss seeing something I would love to. I then got the feeling that I really just want to see something for a sense of astonishment (even if it was just a shooting star) I sat for about 20 minutes then lay on my side and could then see more stars ,including the southern cross.

I lay like this for only about five minutes and I was looking at the southern cross mostly the whole time , noticing the equalatral triangle and the faded star on the left which give the illusion of a pyramid .Then my imagination was drawn to making the lines for the southern cross when suddenly where the two points meet and make a cross blinks a bright star for about 2 seconds then off . I was confused for only about 4 seconds when I noticed it pop popped up 20cm (my view obviously ) North North West for 2 seconds then off . Straight away I thought this might be travelling in a straight line . I looked 20 cm North North west of where I previously saw it blink for the second time so that I could see it for longer and boom it popped up again . I did the same once more and it blinked just under the lining of the balcony roof for 2 seconds then off.

unexplained blinking stars .I can try draw it or make a video of it if you want so I can explain it better If you didn’t understand.
If you can tell me or can give me details to who maybe can would be amazing because I would love to know what it was and I can’t find it on the Internet .

Luca Fratini

White lights seen over Allensnek, West Rand, Gauteng

Date: 29/12/2015
Time: 08:00 pm
Place: Allensnek
Submitted by:

My mom daughter and i were at the pool when i looked up and saw two very bright lights under cloud level flying towards each other at great speed. They then stopped and half circled each other. The one shot off in direction of pretoria at impossible speed, from bright to almost invisible light instantly. The other shot up vertically where it then stopped above cloud level, where it was visible between the clouds, hovering for at least 20 minutes. Continue Reading…

Flying flat ‘hat shaped’ object

Date: 21/12/2015
Time: 06:50 am
Place: Hartebeespoortdam
Submitted by: Wessel haasbroek

I took a foto of a landing hot air baloon. Hours later when i looked at the photo i saw the shining white object in the background. With the limited enlargement capacity of the cell phone i could make out the very strange shape and an emission at the back and what looked like lights in the front. It also looked like there was an “aura” around the flying object!

White Lights over Ladysmith when overcast

Date: 16/12/2015
Time: 11:30 pm
Place: Ladysmith
Submitted by: Anonymous

I saw white lights over or near Ladysmith at night when it is overcast. It looks like search lights that is looking for something in the sky but there is no trail that would follow the light to its source. I saw it a couple of nights ago as well and it was 3 am. It moves very fast across the sky and sometimes there are two that streaks across the sky. I can not think of any logical reason for the lights. Sometimes the light stops and just hovers in the air for a few seconds before it moves away at a great speed. It is visible for approximately 5 minutes and stops. It then stars again in a different spot a few minutes later. I do not know if it is a UFO and it might have an explanation but at this stage it is unexplained. I can see no reason for it.

Lights moving in formation – Kroonstad

Date: 16/12/2015
Time: 09:10 pm
Place: Kroonstad
Submitted by: Mario Guisti

It started with a fast moving object moving across the sky. Shortly after that in a different direction, three lights moved across the sky in a triangular formation. Then there were lights, what looked like search lights moving up and down in the area where the object went. The lights stayed for a minute or so, then the object moved in a 45 degree angle from where it was last moving. The lights were a dimm yellow and there was no sound at all.

Three Objects at night in Pretoria

Date: 02/01/2015
Time: 10:00 pm
Place: Kameeldrift-West,Pretoria
Submitted by: Jan Nel

I saw a very bright star moving around in the sky.At first i thought i have a problem with my eye sight also made two videos of about 12 min as proof.I am only telling my story now because i stumbled on to the vidos a few weeks ago,i mean really UFO’s in the sky and i filmed it no way.It turned out to be 3 ufo’s. Continue Reading…