UFO Speeding off at Paternoster Cape Town 2011

Time and date: 2011
Place: Cape Town
Submitted by: Gino

Myself and a couple of friends were braaing at my place and the UFO topic crept in as usual. I was telling them of the UFO sighted at Cape Point captured on Google Earth. I showed them the pic and they said that they saw the exact thing when on holiday in Paternoster on the west coast. When attempting to capture it on camera it sped off at super speed but they managed to capture it speeding off leaving a trail. Even this is super weired … Comments please if anyone else has seen anything alike ??

UFO sighting in Krugersdorp in 2011

Place: Krugersdorp
Time and date: Around 21:00 at night, 2011
Submitted by: E.C.

It’s been a while since we had this sighting, but only now that I Decided to post it. My Cousin, a friend and myself were walking from my friends house to my place( we live in an estate). We were just talking about nothing important when I looked up for no reason, I noticed from the right of where I was looking something flying and noticed the strange long orange light. Continue Reading…

UFO sightings in November 2011

Time and date: 18, 20 and 22 November 2011 at 22:00
Submitted by: Kristy

My husband and I had 3 sightings in November. It was at around 10pm on the 18th, 20th and 22nd. The object actually changed colour, first blue, orange and finally back to white.
Even called my grandmother who is staying with us and she too witnessed the phenom. It hung around for a few moments so we managed to get the telescope on it. It was NOT a star. Weird circular object with black and white patterns in the centre. We were actually all a bit freaked out to say the least. My granny who is a hardcore 79 yr old Christian now believes in the existence of extra terrestrials. Amazing!

UFO sighting in Free State #2

Date: 14 November 2011
Time: 16:00
Place: Villiers, Free State

My mom and I were in the car in town. Something shiny in the sky caught our eye.
I first thought it was an airplane, but the object was moving at a fast pace – much faster than an airplane. It was flying in a reasonably straight line. It made no sound. It wasn’t very high in the sky and it was visible enough that anyone could see it. We traveled along with it until it faded into the distance. I’ve never seen something like that in the sky that glimmered in the sun. I have no explanation to what it could be.

UFO sighting in Free State #1

fireball ufo in harrismith, south africa
Photo: Riaan van Greuning

Location: Harrismith, Free State, South Africa

Time: 22:00

Date: 2 November 2011


Bloemfontein – The appearance of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the Free State have left skygazers puzzled as they try to fathom what they are looking at.

Riaan van Greuning of Eloff near Delmas, said that at 22:00 on Sunday night he saw a strange phenomenon in Harrismith and took photographs of what looks like fireballs.

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UFO sighting #5

Location: Gordon’s Bay

Time: 19:35 Date: 2011/09/15


I was outside doing some star gazing. To the West was Cape Town international airport and I always track planes during the day and night. Around 19:35 i looked straight up and there was suddenly a white orb, looked like a star, but very bright moving towards the East, no sound, no landing lights, nor strobe lights. Then I used my telescope, tracked it, but it didn’t focus cause of the large amount of light it was making.

UFO sighting #3 revisited

This sighting could have been found on Google Earth in Cape Town, South Africa. But the picture was actually digitally edited. UfoRSA research Team found that the UFO no longer appears on the photo, adding to the string of questions, how could Google not report it, or why never cared to remove this fake photo. Google Earth is widely used around the world, and spreading this false piece of information could damage the company’s reputation.

UFO sighting #4

Anonymous sighting

Location: Pietermaritzbrug

Time: 11:25

Date: 24/04/2007


“I was at my friends house when this occurred… It was bout 11:25 when we saw this accounter from the 2nd kind, my friend was taking me half way home from his house. At the place where my friend was leaving me half way we decided to have a small chat, not so long something caught my eye,I saw 1 huge object hovering above these buildings, well we ignored it at first than as we carried on talking than all of a sudden there was 7 of these objects… we ran because we do not know what they going to to… it happened to me on 3 occasions. And from that day i keep seen other objects.”

UFO sighting #3

Google Earth

Location: Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

Date and time: Not Available

Google Earth – Africa – South Africa – Cape Town – Cape of Good Hope picture ( Left from the tower, zoom in)

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