Unexplained Weird Loud Constant Vibrating Noise

I experienced something weird about 10 years ago.
I was still living at my parents home in Pretoria,Eersterust in a bachelors flat. A weird loud constant vibration noise woke me up during the morning hours. It sounded like the continuous bass of Subwoofers vibrating next to my head…the whole roof and building vibrated…I got such a fright that it started praying for about a minute then it all became quiet and I could hear one of my dogs continuously barking outside…somebody once told me that she and her mother also experienced the same thing years ago….has anyone else experienced something similar or maybe have an idea what it was?

Fireballs in the sky

This is an older sighting. August 1994.
I was walkin home from the Chatsworth centre .its was abt 4pm.i walked through a pathway near the church.heard a loud boom in the sky i looked up an saw ablue fireball mving through the clouds.thght i was dreamin. I quickly checked my pulse.it was racing.heard a second boom an an orange fireball went pass.

A Night Out

It was around 1986/7 when my sister and I went for a drive one evening with our dad’s Chevrolet. It was a Friday evening, we were bored and my sister had recently obtained her driver’s license. We lived in the Eastern Cape Port Elizabeth South Africa. We drove down towards the beach front area, and eventually got onto a road named Marine Drive which is a very long road, it runs parallel to the seaside and as it leads farther away from the city there aren’t any street lights. Eventually, when the road got too dark we decided to make a u-turn and head back in the direction of the city. However, as my sister was in the process of turning the car around we spotted an enormous circular object in the sky above us. It was hovering above us and completely soundless. I manoeuvred myself around in the front passenger seat, and placed the back of my head on the dashboard of the car to get a clearer look. Underneath the circular craft were lights in a circular formation, but the lights themselves were rectangular. They pulsated slowly, when suddenly the craft started to move towards the sea. In a flash it was gone. It wasn’t a slow progressive movement enabling us to observe it flying off into the distance. It was instantaneous. In a matter of seconds it was gone. We experienced no fear while observing the craft, but had decided to keep the experience to ourselves in fear that we would not be believed.

2 Burning flying Object (Durbanville)

13-03-2020 during loadshedding (started at 20:00) here in Durbanville, me and my stepfather saw a moving Object, my father said its a plane but I refused to believe him as this object seemed like it was on fire.

After a few minutes another one came around and then we both agreed that it can’t be a plane, same burning like object changing directions faster than a plane. Been searching the internet hoping we weren’t the only ones who saw this.


metallic ufo with lights seen over observatory 1990s

curious to know if anyone else remembers seeing a ufo in the 90s in cape town? i would have to ask my mom to help me figure out the exact year as i was a kid, but it was in the evening as we were coming home we saw this metallic large craft hovering in the direction of hartleyvale stadium. it was almost too detailed and spectacular to believe because it had alternating green and red lights around its perimeter and was so clearly visible. it then tilted to the side slightly and just lifted up into the atmostphere in a manner no normal aircraft is able to do. other people on the street also saw it but there was never any report the next day and we never spoke about it. i remember being so terrified i did not even want to go to the bathroom that night. what i do not understand is that it was so obvious and in a suburban area in a big city so why was it not in the news or why did not more people speak about it. i guess if my mom and i just went into our flat and only spoke of it amongst ourselves a few times thereafter and to a few close friends it may have been the case with others too, it is almost as if it was too bizarre to even try to explain to someone or share publically, this was the 90s after all before social media and youtube etc.

UFO Krugersdorp 1 September 1996

In the very early hours of 1 September 1996 I was outside in our yard in Krugersdorp when I heard a very low rumbling sound coming from the west. A flying object came flying over my head at about 200m from the ground, it traveled at about the same speed as a light aircraft. It was round and had things that looked like antennas sticking out from underneath it. It was covered in what looked like red sand…as if it landed somewhere where there was red sand. I looked on as it flew towards Roodepoort side, but what was interesting is that it did not keep a straight line of flight, it actually went up and down with the terrain. This happened 3 days after the notorious Pretoria sighting

3 Flying Saucers seen in Umhlanga Rocks 1996

When I was roughly 15 years old in June of 1996, we were standing on our balcony looking at the ocean and stars in Umhlanga Rocks, Durban. Both my Dad and I saw movement to our left, and as clear as day, we saw what can only be described as 3 “flying saucers”. They were next to each other, very low and moving relatively slowly out towards the ocean and towards Durban.

What amazing us was their silence, no engine noise or propeller sound at all, they had a matte grey color and similar to what is depicted as “UFO’S” in movies.

Still feels like yesterday when I saw them, and we now in 2019.

Black Triangle in Hartbeespoort Area in 2001

Time and date: the year 2001 at 12 AM
Place: Hartbeespoort
Submitted by: Christof

Good day My name is Christof and I live on the south coast of south africa. After seeing an episode about flying triangles on Chasing UFO’s I thought it good to contact you. In the year 2001, one night around 12am in Hartbeespoort area near Pretoria me and my family witnessed a Huge black triangle flying next to the road as we were driving by. It had an whitish/orange like light in each corner and a bright white light shining on the ground from the middle. It was a clear moonlit evening so the outlines of the craft was very clear. It was huge, maybe as big as a tennis court (not sure) It was a perfect triangular craft hovering in one place as if looking for something on ground. It was revolving. There was NO noise thus silent. We drove on and it crossed the road behind us. The next moment it was gone without a trace. We were all dumbfounded. While driving past the object the hairs on our bodies raised, like static electricity. Continue Reading…

Extremely Bright Light – Eldoraigne

Time and date: This was a while back: June 2007, time 04:00
Place: Eldoraigne, Centurion
Submitted by: Michelle Jordaan

I woke up very early and opened my curtains to look at the stars. I saw a bright white star in the sky. It looked like the morning star. It was first stationary and then very slowly it started descending to stop again. It stayed in that position for about a minute. During that time I tried to determine any flashing lights or to see if it could be a helicopter because it was close to the Swartkop Airbase (my father was an air traffic controller so I know planes). But it was not. It suddenly became very bright to such an extent that the light hurt my left eye so severely that I had a pain in my head from the sharp light. The light did not become larger, just extremely brighter. The object was also not close to me. It seemed as though it powered up because shortly afterwards it skidded away at a great speed up into the heavens in a zig-zag format until it became smaller and smaller until it was gone.

I was a bit upset about the bright light that hurt my left eye. But to have seen and experience something like that was mindboggling.

Orange ball over Bindura

Time and date: During 1978 at midnight
Place: Zimbabwe
Submitted by: Doug Herron

This is a while back and took place during the Rhodesian bush war in 1978.

My unit was stationed outside Bindura northeast of then Salisbury (Harare).

It was close to midnight and I was on my way to radio watch when I happened to glance up at the night sky. It was a cloudless night and I was amazed to see this enormous orange sphere that was stationary and glowing brightly in the north sky.

I checked for the moon and it was there, but dwarfed by this glowing orb. If I were to make a comparison in size, it was at least four times larger the full moon. Continue Reading…