6 Bright objects over Glenvista 10 October 2021

On 10 October 2021 around 15H30 we noticed a very bright object above the clouds in the NE. At first we thought it was a star or satellite, but never observed one during daytime. Then 5 more appeared above the clouds and moved from NE to SW. Objects moved faster than the clouds and all reflected allot of sunlight. One seemed to change direction from SW to NW and was moving towards another object. If definitely was not aircraft, but if above the clouds it would have moved at a slightly higher speed than normal aircraft. Our only guess is that it could be balloons, but I have some trouble with the theory as, 1) They needed to be white or silver to reflect that much light and even so, at that altitude and a balloon of +/- 20cm, would you be able to observe it that clearly? 2) They were moving much faster than the clouds. I have attached a foto and marked the 6 objects and another black object. The black object may be a distortion of some sort as we did not observe the black object, but marked it non the less.

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