Ysterplaat UFO sighting

Place: Ysterplaat AFB
Time and Date: 4th March 2013: 2105B
Submitted by: Mark

Interesting, I am an ACT at Ysterplaat and I was on duty until 2200B that evening. Operations had me focused on the western side of the airfield, at exactly 2105, (because I attempted to take a video of it on my phone) I noticed an orange sort of light, which I at first thought was an aircraft joining for Capetown Int runway 19, because the light was pulsating the way an oncoming aircraft sometimes appears when looking at it head on.

But something told me this was not an aircraft. It was roughly 15 degrees above the horizon, abeam the smoke stack in Brooklyn from my vantage point. I immediately checked the radar feed to see if it was an aircraft, but it wasn’t because there was no Squawk or plot anywhere to the west of the coast. I ran outside to get a better look and realized it was no longer flying toward the coast but now climbing. I watched it rise to about 30 degrees on the horizon, slowly rising, and then it simply faded out. or a better term, was pinched out.

It was not an aircraft, nor a star because the stars on the west side are moving down into the horizon not away. It was not a satellite as I checked movements, nor was it the space station. I at one stage thought it may have been a Chinese lantern, but the wind was southerly 15kts, and had someone let it go in town or Brooklyn, it would have drifted northwards. Oh and I have a video of it, but you can not see anything because our floodlights are probably too bright. Perhaps digital imaging could filter it. Stumped…

5 thoughts on “Ysterplaat UFO sighting

  1. e.r. thompson

    i believe that these sightings will increase, we are at a new chapter in history, things may change dramatically soon, Nostradamus the french seer predicted that within our time frame a UFO will crash near the Mediterranean sea, governments will no longer be able to hide the truth, they have been around a long time – influencing our religious perspective, our technology and perhaps our DNA development, in other words the reality of our history and religion may need to be re- written, PS. in times of trouble, especially war or drastic geographical changes, these things appear, perhaps cape town may experience some major change in the near future, lets hope these aliens have good intentions, there is a good chance that there are aliens, we may not be alone, we are just 1 planet among billions of star systems, cheers- tommy

  2. Hank Bresler

    Can confirm this sighting – I was travelling along Eversdal Road when I saw this same object which changes from orange to bright yellow/white and then just faded out. I couldn’t establish direction of travel acurately as I was moving, but it appeared to be travelling northeast to west. Altitude was difficult to judge.

  3. I have seen these on two occasions. The second time I grabbed my phone and managed to film 2 of them, they both faded out but the second one started descending as it faded and I could make out a dark shape against the clouds. It was dome shaped, round top and flat bottom, I could see it clearly but it was too dark for my camera to pickup. I can’t be sure if the descending shape was a parachute or the object itself. The clouds were moving east but the objects traveled south so I know they were not blowing in the wind.

  4. Wow! I saw the exact same thing around 23:30 on the 5th of march on the road heading out of Stellenbosch towards the N1. How cool is this? 🙂

  5. Damien the fact that you saw it descending makes me think of a chute?? But I assure you we don’t have Military ops of that sort going on. And I am certain there aren’t folk flying chutes or gliders at that time of the evening. Plus it is too far over the ocean, and quite late for someone to be letting off chinese lanterns, plus I know how they move and it is quite eratic. This was a co-ordinated movement. I would like to rule out any natural causes first though. I am really intrigued that you say it had a domed shape with flat bottom. Could you send me the video. Oh als the fact that there were two of them? that interests me. Any way thanks for taking the time to note that you have seen it too.

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