White Tapered Object – Bulawayo

Time and date: 8th of Feb 2015 at 9:00 – 09:30 AM
Place: Matsheumhlope, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Submitted by: Stoki

I witnessed a large brilliant white tapered cylinder shape, with a dark (black band?) on forward section or nose (tapered at the tail end, blunt front end). The object was descending at a speed I would estimate to be around 400/500km an hour at an angle of around 40 degrees at approximately 9-30am. My first reaction was that it was a light aircraft, but it was moving way too fast, and it made absolutely no sound at all. It had no wings or control surfaces, and the angle of descent and speed was very surreal and unnatural with regards to civil aircraft. I lost sight of it when it dipped below the tree line. I would estimate the distance between the object and myself at not closer than 2km; I could be way off as I did not see anything behind it to give me a good reference point, but it was close enough for me to see a fair amount of detail on the object.

This sighting took place in the suburb of Matsheumhlope Bulawayo Zimbabwe 9-30am on Sunday morning 8th of Feb 2015. The whole sighting lasted about 5-10 seconds. Ive included an image I drew up in photoshop to give you an idea of angle shape and banding of the object I witnessed.


3 thoughts on “White Tapered Object – Bulawayo

  1. Hi Stoki , Makes you wonder what is going on , there seem to be more shapes , colours, quite an array. I did see somthing similar here in Meyerton
    Gauteng last year also during the day +- 12 midday, a white object , also no
    wings or any obtrusions, a tapered flat oval I thought about the size of a Cessna light plane , this one had come up +- 1 km from my position , I estimated from mealie lands in that direction , one curious point though , the wind was blowing and gusting very strongly , no pilot in his right mind would attempt to take off in a light aircraft in those conditions , secondly you take off into the wind , this craft came up in the same direction as the wind and continued to climb straight up at a constant angle , bobbing and weaving slightly , into the clouds , fairly fast , silent , your object could have been parked on the ground somewhere near for some time after you had seen it.
    Have a look at this website – wispyclouds.net – you may be suprised at the actual frequency that these UFO’S flyby.

  2. On 2/815, while in flight, about 1.50 hours in flight from palm springs California to Minneapolis, MN, I saw a white cylinder, with no wings, come from under the plane at a high rate of speed. I thought it was odd, and did not say anything to those sitting next to me, because I did not know exactly what it was, until recently researching internet. I knew it could not have been an airplane because it was to close and would have been considered a near miss.

  3. do you have more information about it?

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