White streak across Chatsworth sky

Time and date: 2 July 2015, Around 4 pm
Place: Chatsworth
Submitted by: Val

2 July 2015, Around 4 pm saw a unidentified white streak in the sky. It had two lines trailing behind. What could it be?

3 thoughts on “White streak across Chatsworth sky

  1. That looks contrails from high altitude plane..the 2 lines gives credence to this. This happens durng extremely cold upper atmosphere conditions typically in winter. Not so common in southern hemisphere but common n colder northern hemisphere

  2. Chem trails or contrails. Contrails are a natural phenomenon that occurs when aircraft fly at altitude. This is caused by water vapour etc, this dissappears quickly. The chem trail can last a while.

  3. nothing unusual , chem /con trails as previous commenters stated

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