white smoking line over umhlanga

Date: 30/06/2016
Time: 07:10 am
Place: umhlanga
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Smoking fairly straight line moving upwards at a constant speed could be seen whilst driving on the m41 towards the freeway construction site towards gateway.
Couldn’t see the object that was upward bound.
Did any one see this this morning?
I was driving so I couldn’t take any pics

6 thoughts on “white smoking line over umhlanga

  1. I saw this as well, it was towards sundown and it was moving quiet fast

  2. We saw a short smoke line flying over limpopo about 50 km before Tabazimbi. Could not see the object that was causing the smoke just the smoke line. After a long straight flight very high up it changed direction went more up and out of sight.

  3. I got photos. How do I upload them here?

  4. chemtrails, just one tunnel in the rabbit hole

  5. Chemtrails people wake up

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