White Lights over Ladysmith when overcast

Date: 16/12/2015
Time: 11:30 pm
Place: Ladysmith
Submitted by: Anonymous

I saw white lights over or near Ladysmith at night when it is overcast. It looks like search lights that is looking for something in the sky but there is no trail that would follow the light to its source. I saw it a couple of nights ago as well and it was 3 am. It moves very fast across the sky and sometimes there are two that streaks across the sky. I can not think of any logical reason for the lights. Sometimes the light stops and just hovers in the air for a few seconds before it moves away at a great speed. It is visible for approximately 5 minutes and stops. It then stars again in a different spot a few minutes later. I do not know if it is a UFO and it might have an explanation but at this stage it is unexplained. I can see no reason for it.

4 thoughts on “White Lights over Ladysmith when overcast

  1. We saw exactly the same in Centurion, Pretoria! We also have a lot of strange sightings here and know the area very well, a lot don`t have any explanations.

  2. Simran Kaur

    I’m from the UK and saw white light streaks of it only one that keeps traveling back and forth ice tried to film it on my camera many times but it doesn’t show up for some reason does anybody know what it is??? I’m really intrigued and what to know it’s dark outside and about 6:15pm

  3. arefin khandaker

    OMG! I have just seen the same thing in Dhaka,Bangladesh!! i was searching online for what i have seen!!and came here to check out if anybody had the same experience !!! and the same thing happened today at 9:15 pm 4.4.2017. What was that!!!! i saw two searchlights type white lights running back and forth to the west on the sky and it was fast and gradually turned into two white lights running back and forth so fast. The sky was cloudy. Is it of aeroplane light???

  4. We witnessed the exact same lights on the sky here in Denmark, Europe. First time about 5 years ago. Orange light orb traveling at great speed completely silent and no jetstream or whatsoever. One orb of light followed by another 20mins later same direction across the night sky. Then march 2016 we moved into a house and from our garden we started observing these orbs again. This time white lights at extreme speeds across the sky, aproximately 5-7 secs of wieving time from one end of the sky till theyre gone in the other. Now in march 2017 weve started seeing them again. Always between 10-11pm. Weve seen them single, in pairs and also triangle like formation at extreme speeds. Aswell as one time saw them change direction at 90dgr without loosing any speed. Zero noise, stream or anything. Really hope to find clues to what this is.

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