White Light – Vereeniging

Time and date:02:55-03:00 on 12/05/2014
Place: Vereeniging
Submitted by: Delene

It was Monday morning between 02:55-03:00 on 12/05/2014 in Arcon Park, Vereeniging. Took dog out and saw light through the tree in my back yard. Looked and saw a white light looking like a meteor moving from right to left but low. Not like your normal shooting star, had a ball of white light with a tail and red and light blue lines in tail. I would like to know if anyone else saw this and would like to know what it was, Thanks.Moved fast, gone towards R59 in two seconds and was gone.

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  1. Hi , I live in Meyerton , just down the road from Arcon park and from June last year I have seen on 6 occasions the red/orange orbs in Meyerton , not floating around as is often seen but performing like supersonic craft , with a distinct control and purpose , the one did a vertical take off behind trees +- 1 km from our house during this take off stage it was a crimson red and then as it came around to my left it had turned an orange colour , then flew directly above our house , you could see orange “flames” streaking off the very dark/black , almost invisible object. This was witnessed by my wife and late teen kids. The only thing I can think of as to why they always appear in the same general area is the power lines that run through that part of Meyerton , why this “attracts ” the UFOS – maybe getting a re charge ?
    The first I saw with my son as witness in June last year was more spectacular and by all appearances looked like a wide flaming aircraft covered in orange flames , also about 1km away ,that was my first impression , that an aircraft was burning and about to go down ,[as I thoght about this later , there was no smoke , only flames ] as it curved slightly toward the ground , it stopped in mid air hovering , now the flames had gone and the object was glowing a deep orange/red colour , I would never have made out a shape but we just happend to have a storm in the area June last year , and the lightning flashed in the cloud behind it , and I could make out a conical shaped object that looked like hot metal , sort of gun metal with a red glow , the UFO then moved slowly into the clouds and out of sight ,weird stuff , keep looking out , you will see more.

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