White light over CPT

Date: 06/10/2018
Time: 08:15 pm
Place: Edgemead Cape Town
Submitted by: Nick


Did anyone see for 2 or 3 seconds this BIG white triangle stripe fly across Cape Town skies over durbanville area and then burn out into nothing? Never seen anything like it before. Was wondering if it was a meteor bruning up or what. Definitely was not a shooting star as it was massive for a shooting star.

3 thoughts on “White light over CPT

  1. Yes, I saw it from my rooftop in Greenpoint thou. What time was your experience???? Mine was around 9pm?

  2. Saw the same thing over gaansbaai.

  3. We also saw it from Harfield Village. If you follow @ourplanetdaily on Instagram they have a video of it. Apparently a rocket launch…

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