White light in Edenvale daylight sky

Date: 07/04/2018
Time: 04:52 pm
Place: Edenvale
Submitted by: Oliver


Looking towards the east sky @ 16:53 my 5 year old daughter and I spotted a stationery white light permeating through the cloud cover. It got Progressively brighter and peaked at a luminosity greater than the brightest star I’ve ever seen in the night sky. I ran inside to get my camera and snapped a few shots. It faded and again peaked at about half of the original luminosity then disappeared altogether. The entire event lasted approximately 3 minutes. Zoom in just to the left of the Lourie bird in the tree. The only logical scientific explanation I can think of is a Supernova, but no reports posted online.

4 thoughts on “White light in Edenvale daylight sky

  1. I saw the same thing around 14:30 in Highway Gardens. My wife and mom also saw it. Through binoculars it had no discernible shape. It was greenish reddish silver and seemed to flash brighter or get bigger. I got home to greenstone and saw it plus another two until I had to leave home at around 4pm. Took cell pics but you can’t see anything. It was too high. Amazing. Thanks for posting.

    • Hi. I am in the UK. I saw an almost identical dot of bright, almost golden light in the sky this afternoon (10 June 2018), to the northeast and at about 40° elevation. I was seated in the same place watching it for about 15-20 minutes. It did not move its position (relative to a tree in my line of sight), bar *perhaps* a small westward movement – maybe just enough to suggest it was in a fixed position relative to the earth’s rotation. My first thought, before I thought its position was slightly moving, was a geo-stationary Iridium satellite reflecting sunlight – but I think a geo-stationary satellite would have to be over the equator, and hence to the south. So my next thought was, like you, a supernova. However, it kept coming and going, even though there was no apparent cloud cover, which made me think that it could not be something constant like a supernova. The noticeable thing about its reappearance each time was that just as I was starting to wonder if I was seeing things, when it reappeared it was so bright and so clear that I knew it was really there! I have not yet worked out exactly what it was.

  2. Could be part of the Chinese space station…

  3. Adrian Visser

    We saw this in PMB. Had an upside down V shape flashing between yellow, white and blue lights. Stationary but was at night

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