White light in Edenvale daylight sky

Date: 07/04/2018
Time: 04:52 pm
Place: Edenvale
Submitted by: Oliver


Looking towards the east sky @ 16:53 my 5 year old daughter and I spotted a stationery white light permeating through the cloud cover. It got Progressively brighter and peaked at a luminosity greater than the brightest star I’ve ever seen in the night sky. I ran inside to get my camera and snapped a few shots. It faded and again peaked at about half of the original luminosity then disappeared altogether. The entire event lasted approximately 3 minutes. Zoom in just to the left of the Lourie bird in the tree. The only logical scientific explanation I can think of is a Supernova, but no reports posted online.

3 thoughts on “White light in Edenvale daylight sky

  1. I saw the same thing around 14:30 in Highway Gardens. My wife and mom also saw it. Through binoculars it had no discernible shape. It was greenish reddish silver and seemed to flash brighter or get bigger. I got home to greenstone and saw it plus another two until I had to leave home at around 4pm. Took cell pics but you can’t see anything. It was too high. Amazing. Thanks for posting.

  2. Could be part of the Chinese space station…

  3. Adrian Visser

    We saw this in PMB. Had an upside down V shape flashing between yellow, white and blue lights. Stationary but was at night

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