3 thoughts on “What is this? Stellenbosch

  1. Eugene Kleynhans

    Hi guys. The object on the photo can really be any thing. I agree that there are indeed multiple true ufo sightings every day (unidentified flying objects) But how many are crafts from other planets? I think zero, none at all. The universe is a very big neighbourhood. Just to come to earth from the closest star being Proxima Centauri at the speed of light ( which is not possible because you would need a infinite amount of energy) would take +- 4 years. Traveling from even more distant planets would be even less possible. Given the size of our univers and the amount of stars and planets to even find our planet is like finding one spesific sand grain among all the sand on all the beaches of our planet. Light and radio waves from earth would take years and years even millennia to reach the aliens. And it would would take years and years even millennia for aliens to reach our planet. By that time we might not even be home any more. This is just the first one or two of many problems that aliens have to over come to visit us.

    Asked how many alien craft he saw in space Chris Hadfield said “none because there are none” .

    • Hi Eugene,

      It might be true that you would need infinate amounts of energy and all that but your arguement is based on what we know to be possible. Beings from other planets might know something that we do not. Imagine a race that is just a thousand, ten thousand or even a million years ahead of us. there technology might exceed ours greatly, their resources aswell. My point is that we cannot argue that something is impossible based on what we know.
      These objects might be man made, or they might be alien in nature, we don’t know…..

      For me the jury is still out.

      • Eugene Kleynhans


        Always good to hear other opinions. But I base my view on what is possible in terms of the laws of physics. It does not matter what your level of technology is the laws of physics can not be broken. Worm holes, spacetime warping, warp drive, greater than light speed travel, time travel etc is at most some technology you would find in Star Trek or Star Wars. By the way light speed travel or faster than light speed travel is in fact time travel. The closer you get to the speed of light the more time slows down for the traveler relative to observers who does not travel. If you exceed light speed (which can not be done) time will run backwards for the traveler. The traveler would be back from his journey before he left. He would be able to see his future self return before he left. Since no one from the future has ever showed up I must presume that light speed or faster than light speed travel will never be achieved.

        Then there is always the one big problem namly evidence or in the case of aliens the lack of evidence. One would think that with all the sightings around the world there would exist at least one clear credible picture.

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