What could this be?

hand in clouds east london

Time and date: 28/01/2014 @ 3:50 pm
Place: East London
Submitted by: Karen

Took 3 consecutive photos of a cloud that looked like a hand covering the sun, only afterwords I noticed the little white dot. I have already studied the pics taken before and after within minutes of the kids playing and no other dots (no dirt on lens). Any ideas of what this is???

hand in clouds east london

hand in clouds east london

hand in clouds east london

5 thoughts on “What could this be?

  1. This is some of the most compelling evidence that I have been waiting for from the general public in South Africa. For a long time now there has been speculation surrounding the coming of the 12th planet. This planet is said to return every 3600 years. The existence of this planet is refuted by Nasa and those that advocate it’s existence, re-bunked constantly by them. Much evidence has been gathered by others around the globe noting that it is due to return this year. It is difficult to detect due to it’s path traveling through the center of our solar system from the direction of the sun. Interestingly enough, whilst Nasa refutes it’s existence, America is apparently furiously and undeniably preparing for some dire event that could be catastrophic. Your photo would reflect that perhaps this 12th planet called Nibiru is not as much of a hoax as Nasa would want the global community to believe. Research Nibiru for more information surrounding this celestial body. Unfortunately the existence of this body does not bring with it the most wonderful of scenarios for the population of the Earth. Previous civilizations have warned that every time it returns, it brings destruction, hence it’s name “The Destroyer”. It will not collide with Earth but will pass by, enter the kuiper belt and return to pass by with masses of asteroids and meteors caught in it’s gravitational field. This is a problem as Earth will pass through this tail and get a bit of a beating. Well here’s hoping it is just a dot on your lens.

    Enjoy researching this strange entity.

    For me it is a time to appreciate all that is of the most value to me and drawing them closest.

    Thanks for the post!

    • Wow Arthur, thanks so much fir the feedback, I will go and research Nibiru in the morning 🙂

  2. Doesn`t the dot appear under the cloud in the third image? If it is under the cloud it is small. Your first two images apparently show the sun starting to set in the west. At the cloud level, which are high cloud formations the wind seems to be blowing from north west to south east. Your third image shows a rotation of it through 90 deg. anti clock wise. The clouds appear to move across the object south to north. The object seems also to have moved relative to the sun through an arc of about 22 deg. What all this means? heaven only knows. Please let me know if my calculations are correct. Image No. 2 of your sequence seems to be your first photo. Image No. one the second photo and image No. 3 the third photo. You seem to have zoomed out for your third photo.

  3. I saw the same thing twice, I could only see it because of the dust in the sky with sunset otherwise the sun would be too bright to look at.The second time the clouds went partially in front of the sun from left to right and I could see it again.Both were in January this year.

  4. I have a similar photo I have taken here in Johannesburg and kept on wondering what it is I thought my camera was have a lens reflection
    Now I know is real

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