Weltevreden – Drone or something else?

Time and date: 10 November 2014 at 7 AM
Place: Weltevreden
Submitted by: Nicole

On Monday morning (10 Nov 2014) at around 7am I saw something above the intersection of J.G. Strydom and Cornelius. It was a few metres above the streetlights and I assumed it was a balloon or kite although it was moving very slowly and steadily towards me.

When I stopped at the light I was still watching it and it turned and started moving away over the residential area towards Hillfox. I pulled into palm court parking to try and record it on my phone but by that time it was already too far away. It moved slowly but at a consistent speed and height.

It was almost oval in shape but more amorphous and fairly flat with bulges on one side. Made me think of a moulded metal sheet that is standing on edge (it was upright). One side (bulging/bubbled) was a very reflective silver while the other side was a dull dark grey.

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