we arenot erlown

Date: 18/01/2018
Time: 03:01 am
Place: moller piont
Submitted by: nazeem


hay gay,s this the zeerocks ergain are hade er norder exsperehins last nithg this is the 7 went time i am seeing ufo,s last nithg for the firts time i saw 3 ufo,s at the same time orbiting at firts i tort it was er plain flying with er star but i am i nuts and den er tert star starter to move the seccon star hade er flick so too flying stars and er sume ting tath look like er plain at nithg seckon tort its er satel lithg no its space sips and i am going to get the everdins going to recort one of my sithings i know now we are not erlown u know defers was last nitgh it got scary er lown on moller piont beats with aliens in shyt wath i starter to ting of obduckting,s this is the zeerocks i will find that recortding for u gays zeerocks out

One thought on “we arenot erlown

  1. JaVokJouOok

    Not every one looking for the truth is a moron. Some of us are Mensa level. Some of us can spell and use English. I know, shocking. Not everyone here immediately assumes this is all true. Some of us are searching for an answer.

    In other words, don’t be a douche. You probably pray to the invisible sky person daily but you judge people who are actually trying to look into things for themselves. Such a doos.

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