We are not Alone

Sighting/article submitted by Mike.

We are fascinated by the UFO phenomenon , well those that care to take note of the incredible event that is unfolding around us. I’m sure that this is not an invasion , as it is probable that has already happened sometime in our past.

I was always curious, but not sceptical , and purely because I had not personally witnessed a “craft” with my own eyes , I believed in the possibility , but in the past I had only classified the UFO sightings as an unexplained weather anomalies or mistaken aircraft identification .
I know aircraft well, not from an aviators point of view , but from building aircraft models as a youngster , air shows , and running outside every time I hear a different
Aircraft engine tone.

I have witnessed at least two to three forms in my life and these UFO’S and was inspired to become more aware , and I took a closer look , my curiosity needed more information , and I can also say that my eyes are true , my mind sound , I can believe what I have seen.

My most recent sightings in Meyerton , 30 km south of Alberton from June 2013 – to date , I have seen UFO’S , either singly or in pairs ,
on seven different occasions , from my house , always what appears to be a red/orange ball of light , on most occasions they have taken off or landed in the same general coordinates, always silent , on vertical take off [reminded me of Harrier jump jet ] they give out a very crimson light, and as soon as the horizontal flight commences , they turn more orange than red , showing a streaking effect of the “flames” on a very dark object. , which by estimate travels at relatively high speeds say that of a Mirage jet shortly after takeoff on afterburner. On the last occasion a few weeks ago, there was a lot of smoke in the air due to seasonal grass fires, the object flew directly over our house.

And I noted 2 features which were not visible in clear air. At the front of the object , a triangular “beam” of light was apparent projecting from the front of the “ball of light” part of the craft very much like headlights shining from a car or which may have been part of the near invisible craft ? The beam of light forward appeared to have a distinct long sided triangular shape with sharply defined sides and front edge which you could have drawn with a ruler , pointing forwards , as long as a Boeing 737 fuselage at that height , say 4000 feet.
Then as it flew fast away from my position , I noted “heat” flaring from the front point of the ball of light curving outwards to the sides very sharply defined curves of heat left and right only , also as long as the front beam.
[similar to watching the shuttle or capsule re entering the atmosphere ]
These craft always fly from the North western part of my town to the South East ,
Sometimes taking a curved route to the south , and the times have varied from
18.30 hrs still daylight to after midnight.
On landing , these craft travel quite fast horizontally , and then stop and suddenly dip almost straight down , where the light also seems to extinguish as they drop down.

My question was , why??? Why here , there is apparently nothing here in my part of the world which could be of any interest . I was then very keen to look up on the net to see if anyone else had seen these and yes it is a worldwide phenomenon , and associated with these orange light ball sightings are cattle mutilations , we do have a lot of cattle in the area surrounding our town , which is mostly agricultural , light industrial.

Well here’s a Sci Fi speculation of mine as follows – Based on my own research – These cattle mutilations occur worldwide , and not much evidence as to why .
The body parts most commonly removed are the udder , and the tongue ?? and to what end ?

Our bio medical science is very advanced to the known world , but take a race of beings who are just 50 000 years ahead of where we are today ? In the history of the
Universe of 4.5 billion years , this is not much , but for technology and bio / medical science , where would our medical science/ bio technology , or technology in general be in 50 000 years ??
What if these beings are experimenting with one of our major food sources in order to gain some eventual outcome , i.e. engineer programmable viral based , protein /calcium chains which are fed to the cattle (massive pasture areas could be dusted with the “agent” by these very UFO’s) then to be active in milk to bond to human cell / DNA in order to manipulate the masses ?
A sort of bio/nano technology
What two cow /beef food products are most commonly consumed in densely populated areas ? and I say densely populated , but the effect would be to affect 90 to 98% of the population as almost everyone uses milk
1. Milk & Meat – Milk would be an ideal medium to spread a viral or molecular based “ transmitter” as it does not go through any hi temp processes during the packaging process , calcium found in milk does find its way to the brain as it is one of the essential elements of brain function , making it a good carrier. Meat on the other hand is not as effective as we cook the meat in high temperatures destroying /changing molecules.
(Similarly ,the common virus can effectively alter your body at a cellular level and even kill you. The AIDS virus is a good example here .)
2. The method used would be very subtle and untraceable . They would mimic existing protein /DNA/Molecular structures so that we could not tell the difference. Scientists today would say “not possible” but people were Severely punished only a short human history ago for believing that the world was not flat but actually round.

What is the eventual outcome ?? maybe control ?? , not necessarily about destruction can you imagine a planet inhabited by placid people with a bovine temperament , like sheep ??not a zombie apocalypse but an apathetic apocalypse – I may never view a cold glass of milk the same way ever again.

2 thoughts on “We are not Alone

  1. Hi Mike,

    Can you share the Gps co ordinate’s of the location where you saw them land and disappear?

    • Hi Cyril , thanks for taking an interest , the coordinates 26 deg 32′ 29 South
      27 deg 59′ 04 E – just open plots grassland – these objects on 4 occasions took off from this general direction and 2 landed there – there are 2 trees across the road from us and
      the objects lined up almost exactly between the two trees , hard to tell the distance though , but through watching aircraft come out of vereeniging airfield +- the same distance but more to the north. Vereeniging airfield
      does not have a manned tower , there were similar sightings in USA
      where pilots witnessed orbs using unmanned airfields to “land”
      but my sightings were not anywhere near Vereeniging Airfield

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