Warning urgent

Date: 01/01/2017
Time: 12:12 pm
Place: South Africa
Submitted by: Anonymous


The will be a fake invasion created by the CIA but was planned already since the 40,s and the plan on making all believe they are trying to kill us all but its a lie instead they are trying to make us believe that so that gives them allowance to set up world military to start a galactic war and the aliens are no threat in fact they been here for millions of years and we all still here and Ronald Reagon wanted to tell the world how nice the real extraterrestrial beings are and he was killed so that’s why things are in the dark and as I said the CIA already had developed advanced technology similar to the real aliens and now the CIA wants to make a fake invasion to start a galactic war!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Warning urgent

  1. Any proof to substantiate your bullshit postulations ?

  2. What was said in the post above is actually proved as correct – The CIA relies on people (idiots like YOU) to call it plain “bullshit” so they can easily pull off their satanistic plan for a new world order. Your ignorance will cost you dearly.

  3. Ignorance is NOT bliss. Most of mankind are slaves to their own mind, never giving anything half a thought.

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