V shaped UFO with lights

Date: 21/03/2017
Time: 08:00 pm
Place: Freeway park Boksburg
Submitted by: Arnin


UFO passed direct overhead while watching satellites in the night sky. No sound was made. It was V shaped and had seven lights, one on the point of the V with three other lights running along the length of the sides of the V. The lights were orange underneath. The UFO was flying in a north/north-east direction and then turned upwards with each row of lights disappearing as it turned its top side towards us. It then shot up in the sky at an incredible speed. My partner also saw it and remarked that it was huge. One of the biggest things she has ever seen. The attached picture was taken from Google images but this is exactly what we saw in the night sky. The entire episode lasted about five seconds and was quite astounding.

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