unusual behaviour on the Delmas road Pretoria

Date: 15/06/2017
Time: 11:00 pm
Place: Delmas
Submitted by: gt


A friend reported to me he has some missing time, and after seeing a bright light on the road he thought it was a reflection from the street Light. I hypnotized him and he described a very unusual experience I need to share.

He was driving along the Delmas road around 11pm when he saw a light. He then found himself at his home parking his car and went to bed. His hypnotic story was very different. He smelt an acetic cleaning smell in his car and was flagged down by uniformed men who had cordoned off the road. He says he remembers lights and a glowing something on the road ahead, with men with sprayers. A man came to his window, he does not know what the time was. He smelt a dry chemical smell and a man with a spray can sprayed at the car grill. He was told to move on. The men climbed into large unmarked black SUV and opened a gap in the fence along the road and drove through. He does not remember seeing any other vehicles on the road. He is quite unsettled about the incident.

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  1. Interesting. One question: are you qualified in hypnosis?

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