Unknown lights in the very early morning

ufo over bathurst

Time and date: 26 June 2015 at 6 AM
Place: Bathurst, Eastern Cape
Submitted by: Anonymous

On the 26 June 2015 at about 6am and on a farm near Bathurst in the Eastern Cape and still dark I noticed a diamond shape light on the eastern horizon. It moved faster than a plane but in earth atmosphere and no satellite as it moved closer I took a picture but the exposure was too long and took a video but could not zoom in. I then looked through the binoculars and could make out that it’s 4 diamond lights but the lights was so that you could not see the the rest.

I know for sure it’s not a plane as there was no aircraft lights and it was not a satellite as my binoculars ain’t that powerful too and this object was at the height of a aircraft and it also vanished and a satellite would be out of reach to spot with the binoculars that I have. The lights were grouped very close and not spread out and they were diamond shaped grouped in a diamond shape too and no noise but that might be due to the height it was . I’m not a believer in aliens and think more in the line of some experimental craft. I’m not for the fame of this too and want to stay anonymous.

ufo over bathurst

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