Unidentified object passing over Bassonia Johannesburg

Date: 11/11/2018
Time: 07:15 pm
Place: Bassonia Johannesburg
Submitted by: Dennis


Bright Light coming from the south of Johannesburg
The light was above the clouds
Did not appear to be an aeroplane – no red and and green lights on the side
Once it had passed my point the bright light was still shining on the rear end
Heading towards NE
Then disappeared
No sound

4 thoughts on “Unidentified object passing over Bassonia Johannesburg

  1. Rob Vickery

    Confirmation. We saw it too. At 19:25 on 11/11 My son Jareth came running in through the kitchen door shouting “Dad you gotta see this!”. Myself and Gerd & Petra were in the kitchen at the time. This is in Newlands, Jhb. It took us all about 10 seconds to get outside, and Jareth pointed at a bright object that at first glance I thought may be Venus but it’s position and size were wrong. Jareth had already said it’s not a satellite or a star or a shooting star(meteorite). He has seen many meteorites. What we saw was solidly round but glowing with a pure white color. It’s movement was Fast, but whatever level the clouds were at tonight that’s where it got really crazy, because it slipped above a small cloud and after about 5 seconds it popped out again in the opposite direction, STOPPED and went behind the cloud again. !!! I ran to get my phone but was too late.

  2. I saw it too! In JHB, and I was watching the thunderstorm in the distance. It was at about 6:10 pm and huge bolt of lightning hit in the distance, and as I watched it, a bright light seemed to pop out and kept traveling north east. At first I thought it was a plane but it was traveling much faster, and then as I watched, after about 5 seconds it disappeared!

  3. Hi Denis, Rob and Sue

    First, Dennis – please describe the sky conditions in more detail. Was it a fully cloud covered sky? Or only partly cloudy?

    The reason I ask is perfectly explained by Rob’s sighting – a craft that appears to move over clouds can be a simple trick of the eye (autokinesis) where the clouds are moving but the light is not. That gives the appearance of a moving craft. It would also explain why it seemed to stop in mid flight in Rob’s siting.

    Often autokinesis is to blame for sightings. I would be hesitant to disregard the sighting as a satellite. In autokinesis cases I would only be sure of a non-satellite craft or star if the light source changes directions rapidly.

    I may be wrong, but think about it and let me know what your thoughts are.


  4. Rob Vickery

    Hi Sheldon,

    Partly cloudy, with a big open space between the horizon clouds and the specific and relatively small cloud the ufo went behind.

    The cloud that it went behind was alone in that part of the sky. It was not fully dark yet the object was very bright and stood out clearly. Appeared spherical but was hard to tell. The borders appeared to be pulsating or moving. Hardly any stars were visible. It changed direction and speed as well as brightness on the way towards that cloud.

    The kicker came when it *popped out in reverse* – only for a few seconds before going behind the cloud for the second time. That was the big WoW moment. All 4 of us saw that from our location in Newlands.

    Furthermore, it’s position in the sky definately changed as there were obstacles in the foreground (poles etc.) that gave clear landmarks by which to judge the ufo’s relative position and movement to the ground.

    I hope this helps.


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