Unidentified object on clear day

Date: 15/04/2018
Time: 02:45 pm
Place: Vaal sebokeng
Submitted by: Ufo hunter amateur


Saw an unidentified object coming from vanderbiljpark towards sebokeng then proceeded towards meyerton on clear blue day sky, thought to be a satallite , rushed indoors to fetch binoculars (10×25) could not tell clearly because of binoculars , called my friend to help also could not tell , what is amazing was the fact it was not moving in a straight path, and it had lights, at first thought it was light reflection, until it stopped for a while about 5 minutes, and stopped rotating, then it went staight up until it faded into the sky, the mango flight passed beneath it , from cockpit i think they saw it , i searched for satallite types but did not fit the description of the object .

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