Unidentified object leaves white trail over Northwest Johannesburg

Date: 24/04/2017
Time: 05:01 pm
Place: Recorded from Blairgowrie Plaza
Submitted by: LPH


An unidentifiable object can be seen slowly decending through the atmosphere in the sky above Northwestern​ Johannesburg. Simultaneously on the opposite side of the sky a gigantic white strech of cloud appeared. It did not seem to stay long, as soon as it was noticed it was only visible for a further 2-3 minutes, before disappearing behind a dark section of clouds.

3 thoughts on “Unidentified object leaves white trail over Northwest Johannesburg

  1. Very clearly an airplane leaving a contrail

  2. I dont see a UFO in any of these photos. Is this a joke?

  3. April Piscids (Daytime shower)
    Active: April 20 – April 26
    Maximum: April 22, 10h UT (λsol= 32.5 degs)
    ZHR: Low

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