Unidentified Crafts – Johannesburg

Place: Johannesburg
Time and date: 6 April 2013 20:00- 23:00
Submitted by: Baffled

We saw six sightings last night in the duration of 20:00- 23: 00. They all appeared similar. They were shaped like fighter jets. They all had an orange brown glow to them with a series of dim, white lights on the bottom of the craft.

They all moved very fast and had no sound. It was extremely difficult to take clear photos, since they blended in so well with the night sky. They all traveled from a south to north direction. One in particular twisted itself in such a way it defied all logic. We could not believe how many we saw in one night.

We were with many non- believers who were fortunate to witness this with us. Whether they are extraterrestrial or man-made it is uncertain. However the way in which the one twisted itself, defies all modern technology in our grasp.

I hope someone else caught this sighting and has clear photos of it. It is a pity that all we have is a witness encounters and not tangible evidence.

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