Unexplained red objects in sky – Pretoria

Time and date: 14 March 2015 at 22:00
Place: Pretoria
Submitted by: Jeffrey Halgreen

On the night of March 14, 2015 sometime around 22:00 hrs a few of us saw a number of red objects traveling overhead. These objects were all following each other at more or less regular intervals till they were out of sight, except for the last one that I observed. This one made about 170 degree turn for a short distance then turned in a more or less N.N.Easterly direction. total counted was nine by me. One other person said she counted eleven. Photos we took with a phone reveal a bright white center. On video whilst unseen to the naked eye we now see green / yellow lights totally different to the red ball. To see the center one needs to enlarge the picture.

2 thoughts on “Unexplained red objects in sky – Pretoria

  1. Chris Keiller

    I am looking at the same things now, there are maybe 5 – 6 of them flashing red blue and emerald green with the center of what ever this is a glowing white they seem to show up ever full moon thats when i spot them. I. Freaked out no lies.

    • Wow just reading your’e comment got me chills for a bit
      3 april 15, 2100hrs full moon too, l see two later three orangy reddy white lights like a ball of fire sort of. it was weird because l first saw two lights and they look slowly moving in same direction then 3 min later disappeared.
      then two min later they reappeared right on top of township and l said ah fire works someone letting some off been Easter, but no they just become these lights but three this time, l actually recorded this and looks exactly like the pics and your’e comment as well sounds like what l experienced. when l zoomed up on the lights its like a rotating light changing from red/orange/white and maybe a blue, definitely was strange and odd
      at first l thought they stars but all other stars blue but these three and they move together

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