Unexplained objects seen from my home town and Cpt CBD

Date: 18/02/1988
Time: 09:00 pm
Place: Cape Town Bonteheuwel
Submitted by: Denver Valentine


At a very young age I was intrigue by astronomy and always sat in our backyard stargazing . I was fortunate enough to see Halley’s comet in 1986 , and this made me fascinated with celestial objects in the night sky. So to cut the long story short , one night I was sitting in the backyard stargazing . It was a crystal clear night and I was looking at the stars with a very old binoculars. Cape Town international airport is about 15-20 minutes drive away and always notice the air traffic around the area.
But on this particular night I noticed a out of placed light ,it was not blinking like the usual stars I would gaze at . It was in stationary position not moving at all for several minutes with no red blue or green lights being emitted . This was definitely not an aeroplane or helicopter as I am well accustomed to the sound that it makes . As I was still looking at this orb like object another smaller piece seem to break off or fall away from it ,but this time the smaller object was emitting like a star , that’s when I immediately ran inside the house to call my mother to come an witness this . Upon returning outside the anomaly was gone. The next day at school a friend of mine told me exactly what he has seen on the same night .We were astounded what we saw that night. My conclusion is that we are definitely not alone in this infinite universe . Their are so many anomalies that is unexplainable but I believe with time all the mysteries will be unfolded.

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