UFOs caught on mobile phone next to “flying saucer” N1 road sign

Date: 24/12/2016
Time: 06:20 pm
Place: N1 & R21 flying saucer intersection
Submitted by: Gawaine


My girlfriend and i were driving to de Wildt North West Province from Joburg. I saw the Flying Saucer signboard on the N1 just before the R21 crossing. I was driving but quickly picked up my Nokia 1320 and snapped a driveby shot. That night when i looked at my photos taken that day i could not believe what i saw when i looked at the flying saucer signboard photograph again.

4 thoughts on “UFOs caught on mobile phone next to “flying saucer” N1 road sign

  1. It is just 2 items inside the car, reflecting on the windscreen.


    • Hey Jean my thoughts exactly ! But we searched the dashboard and the car interior the next morning and found no items that would reflect in any way !!

  2. lol check the road sign you fools

  3. According the metadata of the photo that you provided, the flash was set off. That could result in what your camera picked up (could be as small as dust on the camera front element). With the aperture of the phone’s camera wide open it’s also likely a flare as you seem to be shooting into the sun (although it is somewhat cloudy).

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