UFO with Radiating Flares | Cape Town + Video

Place: Kirstenhof, Cape Town
Time and date: 29 January 2013 at 9:45 PM
Submitted by: Leigh Nolte

About 30 minutes ago (around 9:45) me and 4 members of my family and next door neighbours saw a very bright orange round light hovering in the sky in the direction Silvermine. It was a very bright, completely silent orb that radiated “flares” of light like a very bright candle would if viewed in the dark.

We watched it in the same position in the sky for about 5 minutes until it began to fade, and blinked out. After we had run to grab cameras it had re-appeared in the same spot in the sky but brighter this time and it moved slowly right over directly above the house. It then receded backwards and started fading again but this time it ‘turned off it’s lights and a very distinctive whitish grey semi translucent disc shape was visible against the sky!

This then moved of to the left, towards Muizenberg at quite a speed. This is the same type of orange orb that has been seen all over Cape Town, the same as the 3 I saw on the 24th of December but much brighter and much closer. Very eerie!

I have plenty of video footage on my camera phone but it doesn’t even come close to capturing what we all saw and the white disc did not show up on camera.

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  1. Hello All who have been posting here, I added our experience of seeing two orange orbs in Port Elizabeth on Christmas eve here in Port Elizabeth. A friend of mine told me today both she and her husband on Saturday eve returning from a braai in Walmer about 10ish ,saw a pinky orange orb moving fast across the sky. What is it that we are all seeing.? No one seems to have offered any explanation,and I am surprised that there has not been a report or article in our newspapers.

  2. We have seen the exact same thing on the 25thJan and we saw them this weekend on the 1st Feb.2013
    Dont know whats up as epr usual these things arnt getting media attention! but something up because they seem to be very frequent at the moment

  3. I’m busy Googling to make some sense of the bright orange object I watched in the sky last night, 16 March 2013.

    I live in Kirstenhof and, glancing up towards Durbanville direction, I saw a largish bright fire-orange light that wasn’t moving. Assumed it was a strangely high flying flare and waited for it to arc off in a direction and disappear, but it didn’t it just hovered there for what seemed like ages.

    I then went inside to call my son who joined me in this fascination and also couldn’t fathom what it was.

    I watched it for a couple of minutes before it seemed to move off going higher and higher upwards (or merely fading – I wished I had extra potent binoculars so I could be sure, but it did seem to be moving off into the distance) until it disappeared completely.

    Unfortunately my Googling, apart from letting me know that many people are reporting seeing this thing, hasn’t offered any explanation.

    Does anyone know what it is?

  4. guido habets

    I also saw it on Saturday above De Waterkant around 9.30 Pm.first it seems to have 3 lights which merged into 2 and then into 1. It didn’t made any sound and moved irractic. it was moving towards Signal Hill . When it was approx above High Level road it faded away. So we went in, flabbergasted. After 10 minutes I went out again and saw it above Signal Hill motionless for a few minutes. Then the light dimmed a little bit , flared up and it was gone.
    But I can’t tell you from what it was, we call that a unidentified flying object. I just down loaded a recording of it on the site but I didn’t know how to zoom in . you’ll see a star on the left hand upper corner and in the middle the, let say the aliens vessel.
    You still see the orange glow around it.
    and my boy friend saw it too so that makes the count 4 persons.
    enjoy your evening, Guido

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