UFO spotted Johannesburg South

Time and Date: 16 January 2015
Place: M1 South, Johannesburg
Submitted by: Michael


(Near -26.2486367 28.0007713)

I was driving home from work on the 16th of January, 2015. At about 18:53, on the M1 South in Johannesburg, I spotted a fairly bright light in the sky. Since it was getting later, I assumed it was probably just one of the first stars to start showing that evening. As I drove on, it got bigger and bigger, with no other stars in the sky. In a matter of a minute or two it was much much larger, with a rather high altitude. It was then that I realized this was not a star at all, nor was it any sort of aircraft I had seen before. It was some sort of object. I wasn’t able to make out the shape of the object, it just seemed very reflective, and large, in the sky.

I took out my phone, unlocked it, and tried to snap a photo. I made the mistake of trying to zoom in for the picture. That, along with the combination of traffic on the road, allowed me to only get the object into one photograph. Looking at the photograph, one will notice the dark parts were smudges on my windscreen. The bright/white object was the object I saw. The smaller object below it, I never saw until I saw the photograph.

At that point, the object, within a matter of seconds (perhaps 20/30 seconds), got smaller and smaller and completely disappeared. Since the object increased in size, then decreased in size afterwards. I assume it was travelling N/NE, then left towards S/SW.

I was shocked afterwards. It was quite the experience. Normally when one sees an object in the sky, you can somehow explain what it is. I could not explain what this was.

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