Rotating and Pulsating Orbs – Johannesburg (Video)

Date: 25/06/2017
Time: 02:40 pm
Place: Johannesburg
Submitted by: Anthony


Videos can be found on youtube:

We were looking at the birds on the rooftop and spotted these strange glowing lights hovering high up in the sky. We used binoculars and realized immediately that this was something weird (UFO). It had 3 glowing orbs that looked to be rotating and pulsating. Wow it was awesome to see… I think my sceptic wife is now a believer:)

7 thoughts on “Rotating and Pulsating Orbs – Johannesburg (Video)

  1. Sounds like you were using the ET Contact app (crop circle tones).

    It’s an interesting sighting. Perhaps share the links on the recent CE5 reports (Tim would be interested if you were indeed using the app).

    As for the UFO. Hard to tell what it is (the videos you provided are limited by the functions of your phone camera).

    It is definitely not a plane, or a bird (or superman). But hard to tell what it could be. I couldn’t make out the lights you mention in the video.

    Would have to take your word for it. There are a few explanations as to what it could be – but they aren’t really acceptable for this report.


    • Hi Sheldon, I wasn’t using the app, but I’ll check it out. It could be a drone but when my wife and I looked at it through binoculars and it looked like a giant atom, sounds crazy I know but both of us saw it clearly. Freaked my wife out. Anyways was awesome to see, whatever it was.

  2. Although, watching the video again, I think the best answer would be that it is a drone. Would explain the white colour and the flashing lights.

    I’m a bit old school, and drones are a recent development that I keep overlooking.


  3. I’m not sure what you mean by atom? I’m not too familiar with drones, but I think they have red, green and white lights. Please keep an eye out. If it is a drone the owner is likely to fly it again, assuming he/she lives in your area.

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