UFO sightings in Lichtenburg

Submitted by: Herman
Time: Between 19:00 and 21:00
Date: Different days in 2012

Here in Lichtenburg, we saw orange orbs, just appearing out of nowhere, move across, and disappear, like turning a light on and off.
We saw 2 one time, and the one was catching up with the other one and then they just disappeared. Another one was turning on and off, about 2sec on and 4-5sec off. My wife saw a triangular one (which I would have loved to see)- no sound, no lights, and it was really low. Gave her a good scare, ha ha! O yes, and my highlight of them all, a kind of blue ball with white lights rotating around it. 14 sightings for this year in Lichtenburg! Best part is, all of them were between 7 & 9PM moving north east!

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