UFO sightings in Cape Town around 13 March

We received a number of reports of strange objects around the Cape. This was between 9 and 13 March 2013. Read them below:

Place: Cape Town
Time and date: 12 march 2013 12:15pm
Submitted by: Johan

Falling object with a bright green tail. Slowly burnt out and fell in the camps bay direction.


Place: Brackenfell
Time and date: 9 March at 22:00
Submitted by: Frik and Michele

My wife and I was lying on our bed on Sunday night just past ten, when we looked outside the window and saw a very strange light in the distance towards milnerton’s side. It looked like a blinking star, but hovering in the air, moving slightly from side to side and blinking red and yellow and blue lights. We first thought it was a plane but after a few minutes realising that a plane or helicopter presents different and will not stay in the same spot for that period of time. We watched the light for another 20minutes or so, whereby it suddenly started moving very fast towards bloubergs direction and suddenly faded and dissappeared. Blinking sharper and then fading as it went along. It definetely was not a star either!


Place: Brackenfell
Time and date: 12 March at 22:00
Submitted by Frik

Lots of strange lights traveling 6x faster than a plane, not a satelite or comet. Saw 4 last night again.


Place: Over Cape Town, viewed from the N1
Time and date: 12 March 2013
Submitted by: Noelle Castro

I saw a very bright, large white light over the lower part of Table Mountain as I drove in to work, just before 5am. I glanced at the road, & when I looked up to see where the light was, it had simply disappeared. There was no sound; I would have been too far away to hear anything from inside the car, anyway.


3 thoughts on “UFO sightings in Cape Town around 13 March

  1. Hallo There I was wondering if you could please send me the March sightings in Cape Town please. Im not able to copy the page.

  2. I also saw a falling object with a bright green tail movIng extremely fast over the cbd in cape town, on the 12th of March at around 12.15pm. From my perspective driving on De waal drive it looked like it was heading toward green point direction, and then seemed to burn out. Any explanations?

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