UFO Sighting Sedgefield, Western Cape

Time and date: 5 November 2015 at 12:50 AM
Place: Sedgefield
Submitted by: Monica

Hi There, I’ve been racking my brain as to what it was i actually saw out on my veranda ( just on the outskirts of Sedgefield (between Knysna and George, Western Cape) on The Garden Route at approx. 12:50am on 05.Nov 2015 early Thursday morning! Damn my heart almost jumped out of my throat and i wasn’t sure wether i should run inside… Well here goes i was sitting out having a peaceful ciggie looking up at the crystal clear starry sky, when this huge massive light passes over the whole sky and turns it into day.. WoW!! Well i thought i was gonna have a heart attack rite then and there… within seconds the whole sky was an illuminous white cloud of light as bright as day, reaching into the horizon (one perfect oval form) and the edges of it a powdery blue! This must have been for about 10-20 seconds and poooof its back to a dark starry clear sky! So now i would like to know if anyone else witnessed this amazing UFO spectacle??!! I’m so thrilled to have googled it now and found out that NASA Space Station captured it as well!! This is why i’m only posting this now cause i was doubting myself there for a while as to what i actually saw. There must be other witnesses on The Garden Route and maybe the rest of SA, because it was massively HUGE, who saw this as well?! It would be Awesome to know who else saw this happen and if anyone got pic’s?..which i doubt cause it happened super fast. I had to share 🙂

One thought on “UFO Sighting Sedgefield, Western Cape

  1. It might be the meteorite shower currently happening across our skies. Theres also been similar descriptions coming from Los Angeles in the states where there is a blue and bright white light. check out a local story from this weekend… http://www.heraldlive.co.za/possible-meteorite-impact-site-investigated-ec/

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