UFO sighting reports from MUFON

Today we would like to share with you three UFO reports from MUFON. MUFON is an organization that collects and analyses UFO data.

Report #1

Went to bed at around 11pm & could not sleep as it was too hot. Got up at around 3am and read a while, and started getting sleepy, so switched lights off and went to kitchen to get glass of water. As I was drinking the water, I looked out at the stars – one of them was particularly bright – about a quarter of the size of Venus and about half as bright. It attracted my attention as it was sort of strobing – going from white to blue to white to blue. As I watched, it moved in what looked like a circular pattern. Read the full report.

Report #2

At 10:45pm CAT I walked outside our house to have a cigarette and looked up to see atleast 5 or 6 objects in a staggered formation in the sky. They where all at various altitudes ranging from very low to horizon (from my vantage point) to very high altitude. they were glowing red to orange and each one was a different intensity and colour. I noticed them as they were manoeuvring around quite vigorously in the sky. Read the full report.

Report #3

At about 7:30pm, I was standing on our deck (wooden structure)looking at venus low on horizon, and looked up and Saturn was slightly to right of straight up. I called my wife Dawn to have a look as they were so bright. As I pointed out Saturn, we both saw the materialisation of a very large boomerang shaped flying vehicle. Read the full report.

Have you ever experienced something similar to these cases? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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