UFO sighting in Ramsgate

Time and date: 18 December 2013 at 9:30 PM
Place: Ramsgate
Submitted by: Simon

I live in Ramsgate Kzn, just south of Margate, and I happened to glance out of the window at about 9:30 pm on 18th December 2013 and saw a strange looking light pass through the sky over the roof of our house, it appeared to be two lights stuck together, orange and yellow, one larger than the other. I lost sight of it, and so raced outside and it was heading out to sea, and disappeared into the dark clouds over the sea.

There was no noise and was traveling in a South Easterly direction, a few thousand feet up. It was a full moon last night. I have never seen anything like it before, the lights were constant and not flashing. I have found something similar reported on the net a few years ago which looks very similar to the photos taken in the Netherlands. The report in question was also submitted by someone on the same part of the coast line as mine.

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ufo sighting ramsgate

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  1. They call it chinese lanterns …

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