UFO sighting in Ramsgate

Time and date: 2 January 2015 at 22:10
Place: Ramsgate
Submitted by: H. Herrmann

Overcast conditions with an estimated base of 2,000 ft. Wind north easterly at about 25 kts.
A red/orange ball was noticed. At first appeared as if it was fireworks. This ball was moving in a south westerly direction as if on a flight path from Durban to East London. Watched it for 1/2 to 1 minute until it started to fade into the distance. Then observed another ball, this one was more red, moving in a similar direction but was further out to sea. 5 minutes later another red ball appeared moving in the same direction also more out to sea. Watched it until it faded from view.
No sound was heard in any of the instances.
Could it have been a laser or perhaps a parachute flare type of firework?
Certainly not a normal firework since the trajectory was horizontal and no bangs were heard throughout.

One thought on “UFO sighting in Ramsgate

  1. George Naude

    Just seen the same sort of red/orange balls as H.Herrmann described at 10.15pm on 3rd Jan in Pietermaritzburg moving as if on a flight from JHB to Durban.
    Also no sound and overcast conditions.

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