UFO Sighting over Morningside Durban

Time and date: 9 November 2014 at 7:45 PM
Place: Morningside, Durban
Submitted by: Max

I am extremely sure I saw a UFO at 7:45pm on the 9th November over Morningside in Durban. I was standing on my balcony looking towards the sea and then I spotted this object moving. There was no sound but the object was a bright round light, it was slowly ascending into the sky and then suddenly disappeared. I’m hoping surrounding residents saw it too. Unfortunately I was too flabbergasted to take a photo and it all happened so quickly. I was amazed!

3 thoughts on “UFO Sighting over Morningside Durban

  1. Zette Hardie

    Hi there Max. i just posted a sighting similar to yours at approx. the same time further up country in the Midlands. I’m sure we could’ve seen the same thing??

  2. If you both saw it, it is likely that it was a satellite. Especially since the two locations are about 150km apart yet the sightings occurred at the same time. Keep an eye out for objects with similar trajectories at similar times

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