UFO sighting in Tableview

Place: Tableview, Cape Town
Time and Date: 9.05pm, 17 February 2013
Submitted by: Johan Stevens

Report: We were having a Sunday evening braai with our neighbours, when suddenly we saw a large red-orange very bright ball of light at low altitude (probably helicopter flight altitude) move slowly for just over a minute horizontally to the ground in a northerly direction towards Melkbosstrand. There was no sound at all and absolutely no wind on a perfect windstill evening. The red- orange light was a constant bright glow (no blinking). Suddenly the light blinked out and dissapeared.

4 thoughts on “UFO sighting in Tableview

  1. Hi there,well thats what i observed last night 2013-02-26 at around 21:30,i live in Parklands and watched this red light move from Devils Peak towards Blouberg area and just dissapeared,no noise or sound.The light just stayed on the whole time,no flashing or anything else,no other colour lights with it.
    I often stand on my stoep and look at the stars and planes coming in to land over Tygerburg hills,this was a first for me thats left me wondering what it was.

  2. Ian Robinson

    I saw that last night in Kuils River

  3. Good day, UFORSA and your viewers.

    Since 16 th Dec 2012, there has been a major increase in sightings over Cape Town.
    See the latest 7 th and 8 th April 2013 fly over by those red light orbs as your viewers call it !
    My Blogs and Youtube account is as follows.

    I can assure you, and all your viewers, that th Orbs or UFO, are not Chinese Lanterns, but sentient driven craft, and possible as big as 6 or more boeing 747’s ! I use to fly, and know the difference and Aircraft speed and flying corridors.

    It is no longer a joke, and you can set your Video cameras, up, for just after 20:00 and 23:30 hours up to 0100 in the morning. Flight Patterns from South to North at 23:00 hours and from the North to the South at 08:00 hours give and take. Height . 5000 meters plus ! Someties as low as 2.5 times Table Mountain height ! Speed 280 TO 450 km per hour and more !
    It apears they or it wants us to notice it !
    These flights come over False Bay between Muizenburg and the Strand, and go over the International Airport, and back again !
    Direction is normally changed in a North flight and then switches to a North East flight over West Beach Big Bay area.
    I am sure this will help to take your own photos. Need in help feel free to call !
    Kind regards
    Andrew ( No UFO Expert )

  4. Having set the time for the flying of UFO, the Idiots and Fools with their Chinese lanterns have shown , that they are busy with games which can and has resulted in fires around the Peninsula. They were spot on 20.30 hours. It shows that they have checked up on UFORSA. Perhaps even known to you as well.
    We are aware of these persons, and were told there could be arrests for their possible arson caused by their reckless flying of Chinese lanterns in high winds.
    There is how ever, real UFO flying, and viewers need to check speed, which should be in excess of 24 km per hour. Higher than 100 meters, and if it changes direction with intent. Color red to Purple flaring is normally lanterns. Tops are blown into wind directions,and distance up t 2 km before the flames burn out. UFO lighting is consistent, bright orange to white, and does not flicker. Using a High definition camera or video like the Black Berry shows all details.
    Good UFO Hunting, and kind regards

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