UFO sighting in Swellendam + photo

Place: Swellendam, Western Cape
Time and date: 9 December 2012 at 19:51
Submitted by: Sergio-Grant

Going through the editing of a job I did when I came across something unexplained. I was shooting the sunset and remembered seeing a light in the sky that night.

These photos are spaced one minute apart from 19:51 pm to 19:52 pm.

I have shown these to numerous people and they are unable to explain it. I have written off light refraction, chromatic aberration and even lens flare as you can see from the first image that there is nothing there.

swellendam ufo far

swellendam ufo far

swellendam ufo close

possible ufo seen in swellendam

possible ufo in swellendam closeup

swellendam ufo far

ufo swellendam close

ufo swellendam far

ufo swellendam close

6 thoughts on “UFO sighting in Swellendam + photo

  1. Its da moon

  2. Could not have been the moon. Full moon for Nov was 28th and for Dec it is the 28th. See the poster’s date of sighting… 9th Dec

  3. ist da moons brother

  4. Lord Remington

    Do you honestly expect to be taken seriously when you type da instead of the?

  5. i saw the same thing today in Port elizabeth…..just after 9 am…could not take foto as damn thing dissapeared….

  6. Now these are great pictures of UFOs. Although the little white spot on the second picture looks fully spaced out. It’s very strange… But good catch guys! 😉

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