UFO sighting in Strand in 2013

Time and date: Early 2013 at around 7-8 PM
Place: Strand, Western Cape
Submitted by: Dawie

It was early 2013 at around 7 or 8 PM when I saw a flying copper-coloured object. It was huge, made no sound and flew incredibly fast. It was just under the clouds and disappeared over the mountains – Somerset West direction. I am an ex SAPD member – I have knowledge about airoplanes, etc. I immediately called my dad and told him what I saw. I live in the Strand.

Original sighting report:
Dit was vroeg in die jaar 2013 ongeveer 7 of 8 nm. Ek het vanaf die see ‘n koperkleurige voorwerp sien vlieg. Dit was massief, geruisloos en onbeskryflik vinnig. Dit was net onder die wolke en het oor die berge verdwyn – Somerset Wes se rigting. Ek is ‘n eks SAPD lid – ek weet van vliegtuie ens. Ek het onmiddelik my pa gebel en hom vertel. Ek bly in die Strand.

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  1. Hi ,was there any indication of the shape of this object

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