UFO sighting in Pretoria – July 2013

Place: Pretoria
Time and date: 20:09, 05 July 2013
Submitted by: Anonymous

My girlfriend and I saw a bright orange/red light moving in the sky. It was quite low and surprisingly made no sound as it moved. My girlfriend, who was the first to see it, thought it was a plane but I was certain it wasn’t. I grew up in the East Rand and am accustomed to seeing plane fly over the sky. Usually there are couple of red lights, one constantly flashes and a sound is emitted from such low distance.

However, in this instance the object came from North East (above the Union Building, as we are in Sunnyside Pretoria) and moved to wards South West (towards Centurion and Johhanesburg). It flew/moved for a couple of minutes before the light disappeared. Unfortunately I did not have a camera to capture an image or binoculars to zoom in.

We researched and finally stumbled upon this blog. We find it very interesting that such sightings have been in seen both locally and internationally. To say the least, it is freaky! Wow!

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