UFO sighting in Pretoria #2

Place: Pretoria
Time and date: 17 November 2012 at 7:40 PM
Submitted by: Johan

Johan says that he saw a ball of fire with a red and yellow colour. It looked like a airplane on fire.

Your thoughts?

6 thoughts on “UFO sighting in Pretoria #2

  1. I can confirm what Johan saw. There were two red objects moving south to north at 19:40 on Sat night. The second “fire ball” followed the first approx 3 minutes after the first.

  2. I can confirm what Johan saw. On 24 November 2012 at ± 19:30 my daughter and I saw one orange ball (fire ball?) with a red outline flying at low altitude, horizontally at very high speed. I flew more like a falling leaf. There was no sound from this object at all. We have never seen anything like this at all

  3. Your input means a lot to us, thanks for commenting, Arie and Linda.

  4. Hi, this two red lights had me wondered, because I saw them between Cullinan and Rayton moving east. First I thought that it might be tracers in bullets because they flew by a shooting range, moving very fast and they were close to each other. Wish I stopped and took a better look.

  5. I failed te mention that we saw this orange light in Hennopspark, Centurion, Pretoria. My apologies. Linda Kemp

  6. My wife, my child and I saw a bright white light moving over Pretoria on the 30th November 2012 around 19h00. The thing was travelling from south to north, no tail lights, no wing lights, no sound, shifted from side to side and was much faster than a plane. the bright white light was also unusually large for any known aircraft.
    No, it was no playing of the eye trick… or reflecting camera lenses… it certainly was no balloon or military drone… was too high for any drone and way to fast for uncle. Balloon. We didn’t see any green beings parachuting out though… the culprit-phenomo was surely no satellite either, nor a meteorite… what was it? Was it a bird, was it a plane, no it’s superpooper! This is no prank letter although I find the event mysteriously funny… I’ll be watching the skies… oh, and there were no alcohol or weed involved…

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