UFO sighting in Port Shepstone

Place: Port Shepstone, KwaZulu-Natal
Time and date: Date 13 /03/2013. Time 21:53
Submitted by: Greg

Phosphoresence like orange/red light travelling north to south . Noiseless flight at low altitude 350ft aprox. No usual aircraft navigation lights . Starboard green should, facing forward be right hand side of craft and left side / port should display red . No forward white navigation lights nor any other lights visible . Intensity of light very unusual.

One single light followed within one minute by another. (Following similar flight path ) I am no longer a skeptic . I have seen something really unusual and remarkable . In light of the fact that there are so many sightings of the same thing all over the world as read in hundreds of blog postings and sights surely there must be an official world government explantion of the phenomena. There appear to be far too many questions and observations yet there are not sufficient answers to the sightings .

After all who could one ask to provide an official explanation? What i know for certain is that i witnessed a very unusual phenomenon and would be very pleased to receive a plausible explanation in order understand the phenomenon. It serves no purpose to witness something great and not find an answer for that observation . Is there anybody who can explain what these ubiquitous flying lights are ?

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