UFO sighting in Port Owen

Place: Port Owen, West Coast
Time and date: 27 December 2012
Submitted by: Alana

My family and I spotted a reddish orange orb like light, on the night of 27th December 2012 while on Holiday in Port Owen up the West Coast. It was far too big to be a light on an airplane or a flare. The “light” traveled from the coast inwards for at least 2-3 km (guesstimate) I don’t know much about this so it could have been further.

The light eventually “dimmed” just as it became out of sight, but we could still make out the dark, round shape as it eventually vanished. I can definitely say that it traveled faster than an airplane. We must have watched it for at least 2 mins.

One thought on “UFO sighting in Port Owen

  1. I saw this orange ball of light tonight 05/01/2013 at about 21h20 for the first time over vanderbijlpark. It camr over 6 times at irregular intervals of between 3 to 10 minutes travellinh from north to south. It surely wasnt a plane or firecracker!! Anybody else saw this?

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