UFO sighting in Port Elizabeth + Video

Place: Port Elizabeth
Time and date: 24 December 2012 at 8:45 PM
Submitted by: Denis

Two sightings moving from west to east. Bright orange light almost flickering, and silent. Moved at a constant speed.

At least 3/5 people were convinced that it wasn’t a lamp. It was moving way too quickly to be a lamp or lantern of some sorts. Additionally no significant wind on the ground could be felt.

Denis says, “Over-all the video is not as clear as I would have liked it to have been, and I was using the only bit of technology I had – a blackberry phone…The commentary almost does this video a huge injustice, and varying opinions may cause much confusion as to what was sighted.”

3 thoughts on “UFO sighting in Port Elizabeth + Video

  1. Saw the same thing twice. It started out as one small orange orb, flickering before completely disappearing.
    This was on 20 December, 2012. Later that evening, I spotted 4 more appear, and again, hovering for a few minutes, then disappearing and reapearing.

    Saw them again the next evening, only 1 though.

  2. Amanda Lamprecht

    I saw an orange flame looking UFO on the 22 nd of Jan in the Sherwood area around 9 pm. My mom and I went for a walk outside , the orange flame looking light was very low ,and moved silently over our heads. It was a bright orange light that looked like a flame. We first thought it was a plane as it was moving just like a low flying small plane towards us but the closer it came we could see it was a UFO . Then as soon as it passed over our heads it went higher and higher , until it looked like a bright orange star in the sky then it disappeared. It was defenitly a UFO . I felt asif time stood still and for days after I saw it I felt a feeling of expansiveness in my consciousness .

    • I saw that same fire in the sky ufo on the 28th dec 2012. The ufo was following the power lines and made a stop at the power sub-station behind Malabar Primary School. My wife and i was watching as it went into the sky at a fast speed.

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