UFO sighting in Nature’s Valley + Photo

Place: Nature’s Valley
Time and date: 16 December 2012 at around 11 PM
Submitted by: Julian

Did not see anything but picked up these moving objects as I was taking pictures of the stars. They appeared in consecutive photos, Moving down towards the horizon. The exposure was 10 seconds. Satellites or something else?


Thank you for your report, Julian. We also believe that these objects might be satellites.

What is your opinion?

One thought on “UFO sighting in Nature’s Valley + Photo

  1. I remember seeing something with very similar in 2002 with 2 friends of mine in Glen Cairn. At first we thought that it was a satellite, just going a little faster then usual to the west. but then it slowed down and stopped. Then another one traveled towards it from the South. Then it also stopped next to the first one and they then both at a faster pace than before traveled East all the way and disappeared into the Horizon. It was at about 9pm.

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